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Granny's Granola

make your own granola

I love food - eating, cooking and talking about it and now, writing about it and how I incorporate Salann into my daily diet.

Granny’s Granola (not that my Granny would eat it, but you have to admit, it rhymes beautifully).

For years I attempted granola for breakfast. I love the combination of cool, tangy yoghurt, juicy fruit and crunchy granola … smothered in sweet golden honey. A few hours later – cramps! Cooked oats was fine but not granola. So, I gave up and reached for the toast.

I’ve finally figured it out…

Cooking oat flakes softens them so you know it cleanses your insides and, like a night-club bouncer, drags the bad cholesterol out before it causes trouble.

With granola, that bouncer still does his job, but you need to help him with more lubrication as yoghurt is just not enough. So I’m happy to say “Go Granola!” - but first I drink water. (Water first thing upon waking = hydration for all your organs.)

I've used Bergamot, Lemon & Lime in this recipe.

Bergamot is both calming and uplifting; lime is great for your immune system; and lemon cleanses the system wonderfully.

Try my recipe:

100g Gluten Free Oats

10g Linseeds

15g Pecan nuts*

10g Pumpkin seeds

5g Sesame seeds

20g Sunflower seeds

5g Coconut, dessicated

½ tsp Cinnamon, ground

Pinch Salann Bergamot, Lemon & Lime salt

Toast oats on a roasting tray in the oven for about 20min at 180°C. Leave to cool.

Combine the rest of the ingredients and add it to the cooled oats.

Store in an airtight container (jam jars work well).

*Do NOT add nuts if you're allergic.

One serving of this recipe is 30g (2 tablespoons).

Per serving:

140 kcal

22g fat

4g saturated fat

Good to know:

  • You may add honey to sweeten.
  • A lovely combination is granola with natural probiotic yoghurt and fresh fruit. Do drink at least one glass of water to swell the oats and keep you satisfied for longer.
  • The two main components in this recipe are the oats and the cinnamon. The oats helps keep the gut healthy and the cinnamon balances blood sugar levels.  Pumpkin seeds are high in protein. Linseeds keep things moving in your digestive tract. Sesame seeds contain calcium and nuts* are good sources of trace minerals and good fats.
  • You can substitute the nuts* with eg. brazil, cashew, walnuts, almonds; remove the coconut if you don’t like it, add a few raisins, add other spices eg. ground nutmeg, ginger, fenugreek, cardamom. The calorie and fat count will change depending on which nuts* you add.
  • You can also double this recipe.
  • Consume within two weeks.
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