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    Our passion is healing with food

    Charlene Hiscock

    I'm Charlene Hiscock - a trained chef and nutrition adviser who wanted to find a healthier alternative to table salt - which is how Salann came about. We're based in Saltmills, a small village on the Hook in County Wexford.


    Himalayan sea salt contains the same 84 minerals/elements found in the body and we combine it with the aromatic healing properties of pure edible essential oils. So if you season your food, you may as well use the good stuff.


    The salt crystals are larger than ordinary table salt so you need to use less of our salt to achieve a similar effect. The edible essential oils we use go through rigorous testing to ensure their purity and as they are highly concentrated, we only use a few drops in each blend.

  • salt for food

    Himalayan sea salt infused with edible essential oils create great dishes

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    7 blends to use in cooking

    Our salt will make your food taste amazing and you also get the healing benefits of the pure essential oils. Choose from -

  • salt for bath

    Himalayan sea salt infused with pure essential oils to relieve aches & pains

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    personalised bath salt

    Our customers asked if we could make up bath salts to help with specific health issues such as fatigue and fibromyalgia, so now we also have "salt for bath".


    We will create personal bath salts for you, so get in touch for a private chat. If we can help you in some small way - we will.

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    "I love using this product. It's so different from what else is out there and it looks pretty good on the table too. Thank you."


    "This smells divine! Every time I lift the silver lid on my glass jar of Lemon & Lime I feel invigorated ... and then I sprinkle it on my dinner and eat it too."


    Personalised Bath Salt:

    "Best Christmas present ever - the aroma from the bath was so invigorating, not to mention the calming affect. Pure stress relief in a bag and you only use one or two tablespoons in a bath, not like other bath salts. Can't wait to try it in the shower for an aromatherapy hit. Thank you Salann - what a wonderful product."

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1. Return the sealed product to us within 14 days if you change your mind, together with the Product Cancellation Form.
2. You are liable for the postage and packaging costs unless we receive the product in perfect order and there are no signs of tampering.